More than D-mannose

D-mannose is a type of carbohydrate that is produced naturally in your body as well as in starches of certain fruits and vegetables including apples, peaches, green beans, and broccoli. Mannose is an important part of human metabolism and urinary health. It has been shown to bind to microorganisms in the urine so that they are unable to attach to the bladder wall. D-mannose is a powerful mechanism, but it needs to be in the right environment at the right time to fully function. D-Mannose needs to reach the urine to act quickly. Uqora's complete set includes ingredients that all amplify the efficacy of d-mannose and tackle urinary health from different angles.

How Uqora compares to d-mannose on its own:

Uqora:✔️ Binds to microorganisms ✔️ Flushes the urinary tract✔️ Cleanses biofilm*✔️ Balances the urogenital microbiome**✔️ Sugar-free
✔️ Binds to microorganisms ❌ Cleanses biofilm❌ Balances the urogenital microbiome*Uqora Control**Uqora's vaginal probiotic, Promote

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Our products are not medicine, and are free of antibiotics. While antibiotics are key to treating UTIs, we believe they should be used sparingly and reserved for treatment. When it comes to proactive urinary tract health, we’re all about simple, healthy ingredients that your body will not build up resistance to. 

Overusing antibiotics can have serious consequences, ranging from indigestion, yeast infections, and even antibiotic resistance.

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We’re obsessed with clinical research 

Each ingredient in Uqora was selected for its unique ability to improve urinary tract health. The ingredients in Uqora have been well-researched, and we’re committed to doing even more.  We’re underway with multiple clinical trials and are on a mission to expand the body of research available to continue to raise the bar when it comes to urinary tract health. 

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