The Science of Promote

What's in it?

Promote is a probiotic containing two special strains of lactobacillus, a family of bacteria that are the most common bacteria in a healthy vagina. Not all probiotics or lactobacillus strains are the same. The two strains included in Promote are Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Lactobacillus Reuteri, and they specifically live in the vagina, unlike others. These are the only 2 strains that have been clinically proven to restore and maintain healthy bacteria to the vagina. This is because they live naturally in the vagina and work to keep bad bacteria and yeast at bay.

+See all ingredients
Ingredients: Lactobacillus Rhamnosus (5 Billion CFU), Lactobacillus Reuteri (5 Billion CFU), Prebiotic FOS (fructooligosaccharides), Hypromellose, Rice Flour, Magnesium Sterate.
+Where is it made?
Uqora Target made at an FDA approved facility in California, USA.
+Is it vegan? Sugar-free? Gluten-free?
Yes. Uqora Promote is vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free.
+Is Uqora FDA approved?
As a dietary supplement, Uqora Promote’s packaging, labeling, ingredients and manufacturing quality are regulated by the FDA pursuant to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. All the ingredients in Uqora are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the US FDA.
+Is Uqora Control vegan? Sugar-free? Gluten-free?
Yes. Uqora Control is vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free, with no artificial sweeteners.
+Are there any side effects?
There are no known side effects to any ingredients in Uqora’s products at the suggested doses. All of the ingredients in Uqora’s products are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the US FDA.

How does it work?

Promote restores “good” bacteria to the vagina (L. Rhamnosus and L. Reuteri). The bacteria excrete acids that keep the pH of the vagina low, like it should be. Bad bacteria and yeast are always present in the vagina, but this low pH keeps the bad bacteria and yeast from growing out of control. When pH rises, this can lead to an imbalance in the vaginal microbiome, which is now known to leave a woman vulnerable to UTIs.

The vaginal “microbiome” is made up of all the microorganisms that naturally live in the vagina. When balanced, the microorganisms, like bacteria and yeast, live harmoniously and the vagina is healthy. Certain things can disrupt the balance of the microbiome by killing good bacteria or making the vagina less acidic (raising pH).

Antibiotics, for instance, kill UTI-causing bacteria, but can also kill the good bacteria in the vagina, which can cause bacterial vaginosis (BV) or yeast infections.

+How does Uqora Promote help with UTI prevention?
Uqpra Promote prevents bacterial vaginosis (BV), which has been shown to increase the risk of recurring UTIs, we’ve created a probiotic blend that includes the only two strains clinically demonstrated to prevent BV, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Lactobacillus Reuteri.
+Can I take Uqora Promote with things other than water?
We recommend water, but you can take Uqora Control with 8-12 ounces of whatever fluid you prefer most.
+What time of day should I take Uqora Promote?
You can take one capsule of Uqora Promote once per day at any time of day, but we do recommend being consistent with whatever time of day you take Uqora Promote. (I.e. if you start taking Uqora Promote in the morning, then take it in the morning each day.)
+Is this medicine? Or treatment?
Uqora Promote is not a medicine or a treatment, but intended for prevention only. If you have a UTI, we recommend you schedule a visit with your doctor.
+Does it work for men?
Uqora Promote is designed for women.

The link between UTIs and Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is caused by overgrowth of non-lactobacillus bacteria in the vagina. The CDC estimates that 29.2% of women ages 14-49 have BV, yet 84% of those women do not experience symptoms. Yet, this is now known to be very important for UTI risk. New research has uncovered that the bacteria that cause BV (most commonly, Gardnerella vaginalis) can actually increase the risk of UTIs. Likewise, women with a dominant population of vaginal lactobacilli are at a lower risk of UTI.

The strains of lactobacillus found in Promote (L. Rhamnosus and L. Reuteri) have been clinically proven to restore healthy vagina populations and BV. They do this because these special strains live naturally in the vagina, and produce acids that keep the BV-causing bacteria populations in check. The combination was found to maintain a lactobacilli-dominated vagina and restore women from a BV status to normal. Taken orally, these bacteria have been demonstrated to travel from the gut to the vagina, where they live naturally.

+Does Uqora Promote help prevent yeast infections?
Yes, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Lactobacillus Reuteri have been shown to help prevent yeast infections.
+How do I know if I have a yeast infection?
Yeast infection symptoms can range from mild to moderate, and might include itching and irritation in the vagina and vulva, burning sensation, especially during intercourse or while urinating, redness and swelling of the vulva, vaginal pain and soreness, vaginal rash, thick, white, odor-free vaginal discharge with a cottage cheese appearance, and/or watery vaginal discharge.
+Does Uqora Promote help prevent bacterial vaginosis (BV)?
Yes, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Lactobacillus Reuteri have been shown to help prevent bacterial vaginosis (BV).
+How do I know if I have bacterial vaginosis (BV)?
Common symptoms of BV may be abnormal vaginal discharge, itching, or odor (often sort of fishy smelling). However, often times, BV is asymptomatic. An estimated one-third of all women have BV at any given time, but it’s estimated that only 15% of that group realized they have BV.

How do we know it works?

Recent studies have examined the association between BV and UTI have found that women with BV have anywhere from a 2.2- to 13.7-fold increased risk of UTI. Yet, 84% of women with BV don’t experience any symptoms. In 2017, research was published demonstrating how this happens: Gardnerella vaginalis, the main bacteria responsible for BV, travels to the bladder and disrupts and weakens the wall of the bladder, making it more vulnerable to infection by UTI-causing bacteria. Studies demonstrate consuming the lactobacillus strains L. Rhamnosus and L. Reuteri together orally can fully restore a healthy vagina as the bacteria travel from the gut to the vagina. Other strain combinations were ineffective, demonstrating the importance of having the correct strains.

+Clinical Research
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How does Promote work together with Target and Control?

Target, Control, and Promote are the trio we've designed to cover all of your bases.
You can think about it like this: Target stops new bacteria entering your urinary tract, Control fights any bacteria that might already be hidden in your urinary tract from a past infection, and Promote is a specialized probiotic that supports good bacteria in the vagina, which is now known to help prevent UTIs.

Target packs a punch—with higher volumes of UTI-fighting ingredients, a gentle diuretic to increase urinary flow, urinary alkalizers to make the urine less acidic, and immune-boosting ingredients, all at exactly the right time and with the perfect doses. It's there for you during those vulnerable moments.

Control is there for you on the day-to-day, to keep fending off the sneaky bacteria that may be coming from within your body, or hiding in your urinary tract from a past infection (through a process called biofilm). It also includes powerful antiinflammatories and antioxidants to keep you in tip-top shape.

+Do you suggest everyone combine Uqora Promote with Uqora Target and Uqora Control
If you struggle with UTIs, we recommend combining Uqora Promote with Uqora Target and/or Uqora Control. If you are not always sure what's causing your UTIs, we strongly recommend adding Uqora Control to your regimen and drinking Uqora Target after sex and exercise. If you don’t struggle with UTIs, but have struggled with BV or yeast infections, then we recommend taking Uqora Promote on its own
+Can I try just one of the products, or do I have to buy them together?
Of course! You can purchase each product separately. If, for example, your UTIs are always caused by sex, drinking one glass of Uqora Target after intimacy may be a sufficient prevention regimen
+Does Uqora Promote interfere with antibiotics?
No, Uqora Promote should not interfere with antibiotics.

Is it safe? Are there any side effects?

Yes, Uqora is safe. There are no known side effects for any of ingredients at any of the suggested doses, and all of the ingredients in Uqora Target are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the US FDA.

Who is behind Uqora?

Uqora's lead scientist is trained in biochemistry from UC Berkeley, and our products are backed leading physicians who are passionate about prevention. Our team is committed to getting to the root cause of UTIs and building sustainable options, not just relying on antibiotics as a blanket solution.

Dr. Payal Bhandari M.D.

Dr. Bhandari is a family physician practicing in San Francisco, CA since 2005. By taking a deeper look at the root cause of diseases, Dr. Bhandari incorporates the latest medical research, her extensive experience, and feedback from patients to accurately diagnosis illness. Dr. Bhandari received her medical degree from the West Virginia University and completed her family practice residency at the University of Massachusetts.

Dr. Jo Ann Stewart, MD

Dr. Jo Ann Stewart, MD, specializes in geriatric care but has 3 medical specialties: Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, and Hospice and Palliative Care. Dr. Stewart has been practicing medicine for over 15 years, and credits her deep love for her grandparents with her desire to specialize in geriatric medicine. She received her medical degree from University of Texas Medical School and currently practices in San Diego, CA.

Spencer Gordon, UC Berkeley

Trained in molecular biology and biochemistry from University of California Berkeley, Spencer leads Uqora's research and development initiatives internally. Spencer's research has focused on human metabolism, and he is passionate about developing unique and novel approaches get getting to the root cause of major public health issues.

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