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Uqora Reviews

Based on 3002 reviews
Constant UTIs Gone

Seriously this product is magical! I used to get CONSTANT UTIs. I felt cursed because I have such sensitive body chemistry. UTIs GONE!! Thanks to Uqora! No more UTIs. Worth every penny!

Best stuff yet!

Only have had it for a month and loving it. Haven’t gotten one and usually do every month! It’s the worst! I highly recommend this product!

So far (just 4 weeks) i am free from chronic UTI. I would like more time to give a good evaluation. At this point i am very ompressed. Please contact me in two months.

Love it!

I haven’t used the packets cause I haven’t been with my SO but the vitamins have been great! Will buy again! I had a couple UTI’s in the past 6 months and it was a nightmare! But the vitamins helped my ph levels get back to normal after all the antibiotics.

So far so good!

I have just started taking Uqora. So far so good. Time will tell. Easy regimen, and the drink tastes good.

Loving these 3 products!

This is the first time in over 6 months that I have not had any UTI issues! This product is is worth every penny and am so glad I tried it!!! Thank you!!!

Changed my life

I have been living with UTI’s for 14 years. The combination of this system has made me symptom free. I have tried and done everything, diet, diflucan a million times, water at least a gallon a day you name it. I’m so thrilled to say thank you and you must try it if you have UTIs also. Jill is amazing also, she has answered many of my questions and gone above and beyond to help me when my delivery was stolen and I was desperate. She had a delivery out the next day complimentary, this was not the company’s fault nor did I ask for this. This company is top class all around! If your on the fence, you have nothing to loose but another day of misery and going to the doctor for unnecessary medication. Give this a try, and I hope you find the same relief. Thank you Uqora!

Professional and Fast

Have not had ONE UTI since I started with Uqora. They have been incredibly responsive to questions, schedule changes, order changes. So impressed with the product and the customer service. Thank you!!!

This works!

I’ve had issues with a UTI for mist of my adult life. I’ve always had to turn to getting Dr appointments and using antibiotics. If you use this product as directed - especially after sex - it works! I’m amazed! Finally an alternative that is convenient and easy to use! I’m a grateful and satisfied customer! Thank you!

So far no UTI's.

I have been using Target after the activity that would cause me to get them and I have not had a UTI since. Has been a relief.

It’s working for me

It’s working thus far! I have been taking Uqora for about a month now, and I am actually really pleased with how well it has been working. As someone who truly suffers from UTIs on an almost monthly basis, I was willing to try anything that may help with taking preventative measures. I think I have found the answer. I have been taking the drink mix once about every few days and enjoy the taste- strawberry lemonade and taking the probiotics daily. The product has been putting my fears aside of when I am going to get my next UTI, and I am able to enjoy the best parts in life.

Great product!!!

I just started using Uqora about 3 weeks ago and already I can feel a big difference. If it keeps working I will keep using. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

So far so good

I have been using Uqora for approximately 2 weeks now. While that's not a very long period of observation, I have not had another UTI/bladder infection since starting. Before starting Uqora, I generally got UTIs every two months, often without apparent cause. I followed all the general guidelines given by doctors, to no avail. I take the capsule supplements in the morning with a large glass of water and my multivitamin; I take Target approximately every 3 days, but sometimes more frequently if I find myself in a high-UTI-risk situation (i.e. after sex, spending too long in workout clothes, a day at the beach, etc.) I'm probably going to up the number of Target packets I get each month, because it gives me peace of mind. I'm hopeful that this is the solution I've been waiting for.


I love this product. I have been using for about 3 months now and I haven’t had one UTI since using this product. Thank you!

UTI prevention

I have been using Uqora for a few months. Usually when I get a UTI and finish the antibiotics, the UTI returns within a week.
Since using Uqora, I have not had a recurrence of a UTI. Hopefully this will continue.
It is certainly worth trying if you have recurrent UTI's like myself.

Love it!

Thank you Uquora! Love my product.

Gooooooood product

I feel like God put his hands on me I’m so happy to try this product I’ll still taking this product it’s fantastic!!!!!!

Relationship saver

Uqora has changed my relationship with my future wife and has made our relationship so much stronger and more intimate. Before uqora we had so many issues with UTI’s and Yeast infections and we could never have sex. Since uqora we haven’t had one issue and it has made us so much stronger.


Was having weekly aggravation that turned into continuous UTIs. All doc wanted to do is prescribe antibiotics, which helped that specific UTI but didn't help the next. Been taking Uqora for 20 or so days and I have not had one UTI. I had a little bit of aggravation but nothing like before. This stuff is a game changer and I can't be more thankful. Seriously, thank you to the scientists, creators, and marketing behind the Uqora. Finding this has changed my life.

Great products

All of the products have helped me. Thanks for all your research, time, and courage to take such a challenge to provide an alternative solution.

So far so good!

I’ve struggled with getting UTIs after sex for years, even after taking all the normal precautions and seeing many doctors about ways to prevent them. Nothing has ever worked, until now! Uqora Target has saved me. I’ve been using it for a few months now and have not had one UTI since. It has been a major relief caused me to stress and suffer less. I am so thankful and pleased!

It really works!!!

I’ve had several UTI’s the past few years since my hysterectomy. I started using this and actually didn’t think it was working. I stopped using it and ended up with one so now I’m a firm believer and will continue using. I do only take one a day because I feel taking 2 makes me a little nauseated.

New Customer

The powder mixed with water tastes awesome and I feel great.

UTI free so far!

I suffer from frequent UTI’s and so far I have been UTI free. Great product! I feel more secure after using this.

Thank you

I have enjoy this and thinking about ordering same more soon. Thank you. It is helping me

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