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Breaking the cycle

After finding myself in a new relationship, I remembered the downside....chronic UTI’s. I’m already super susceptible to UTI’s and when you add sex to the mix, I’m in a whole new level of hell. Within the first 5 months I had already had 7 UTI’s. I took every single precaution, nothing worked.

I saw an ad for Uqora, initially I thought “there’s no way this works” but after the start of my 8th UTI in a row I said screw it, and I am SO happy that I did. I’ve been taking Control for 3 months and I’ve inly had one UTI (totally my fault for skipping a few days in a row). I don’t ever want to be without this stuff. Thank you so much. You’ve saved my sanity and my sex life.


I suffered from frequent UTIs and Uquora has been a life-saver. I had tried Cranberry and D-Mannose, and still experienced UTIs. There is nothing worse than waking up with “that” feeling and stressing about when I can see my doctor that day. UTIs can be completely disruptive to life. I started taking Control daily and Target after sex, and I haven’t had one UTI. I waited quite a few months to write this review, because it really seemed too good to be true, but 6 months and no UTIs and it’s money well-spent. Thank you for this product!

How to take

Do you have to take 2 pills at a time plus the drink ?

UTI be gone!!

I’m a hot yoga teacher so I’m prone to a uti. I’m able to use the drink when I’m starting to feel one starting after multiple sweaty classes md I haven’t had a UTI since using this product!!

Works great!

I was getting so many UTIs that I was afraid to have intercourse with my husband. I took D Manose with limited results. Once I started uqora, I have not had one UTI. I am a believer! It has changed my life.


Too soon to tell if it's working. Although I dont see to be urinating as much.


I must say I wasn’t really for sure Uqora was going to work. I’m on the second order. I love the drink mix and also I love the control and the probiotics. I haven’t had any more UTIs since I started taking Uqora. I love this product.!! I will give these products five stars. Thanks Uqora!! I’m UTI free.


I used to have constant UTIs... after sex UTI! After swimming or a bath UTI! I was constantly going to the doctor and getting meds... I told my doctor about this product. Showed him was was in itand he said everything looked safe and to try it! I happy to say its been 3 months of no burning! No UTIs! I cant believe how good this works! I got the bundle of all 3! If you stuffer and have tried everything get this and just try! I told myself if this works after 3 months it good stuff. The costumer service is also wonderful. They responded so good to my e- mails!! Thank you Uqora!

Great product!

What a life saver. After a week in the hospital with sepsis from an UTI, I started taking Uquora and I have not had a UTI since.

Great product

This product has been very effective, and is easy to use!

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