Follow these tips to prevent UTIs. If you're doing everything right and still getting UTIs, it's time to try Uqora.

1.    Stay hydrated!

2.    Pee immediately when you feel the urge

3.    Avoid baths, opt for showers instead

4.    Pee after sex

5.    Wear cotton underwear

6.    Avoid irritants like sugar and alcohol

7.    Drink Uqora to prevent UTIs

8.    Don't sit around in sweaty workout clothes

Uqora is a drink mix that can help you fight off bacteria when you need it most, like after sex or prolonged exercise. Uqora hinders bacteria from adhering to the urethral wall. Uqora also helps you flush out bacteria quickly and supports the immune system with fighting off UTI’s.

***Use code UTIFREESUMMER at checkout

***Use code UTIFREESUMMER at checkout