What the Media is Saying About Uqora

 "For the 50 percent of women who understand just how much having a UTI sucks, Uqora, a Berkeley-based startup that’s launching today, has a solution." -TechCrunch


 "Fewer doctors visits and fewer UTIs? The future is now and it's great." -Cosmopolitan

 "College students everywhere, rejoice!" and says there's now an alternative to when you have to "begrudgingly take those antibiotics and wait for your urethra to stop screaming." -Refinery29

 "There is some new hope for UTI sufferers.... reduce antibiotic use, which is great news for that whole, scary antibiotics resistance thing." -Jezebel

 "Uqora is made with natural ingredients and was collaborated on by several urologists looking to make the perfect bacteria fighting cocktail." - Brit + Co

 "Personally, I know I — and all the frequent sufferers I know — would happily try a drink that would stop UTI's from starting in the first place. They are no fun. Bring it on!"           -SheKnows

 "Contracting a UTI is often a painful and unpleasant experience that is often treated with antibiotics from the doctor. Thanks to Uqora, frequent suffers can now take a drink mix to avoid contracting the bacterial infection all together." -TrendHunter