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Yeast Infection vs. UTI

There are over-the-counter test kits for both yeast infections and UTIs and you may be tempted to try the DIY diagnostic approach, but your health-care provider is the more reliable individual with respect to how to tell the difference between a uti and a yeast infection. Although some yeast infections can benefit from self-care treatments, you may be taking too great of a chance if what you’re really suffering from is a UTI instead.

What’s the Big Difference?

So, what's the difference between a uti and a yeast infection? You may know how much they can both cause pain and discomfort, but the causes of the infection — and where it can lead to — are quite dissimilar. Although both are caused by microscopic pathogens, one is the result of a fungus, Candida albicans, which is a form of yeast, while a UTI is caused by a bacteria strain, typically E. coli. They each require a different testing procedure for an accurate diagnosis.

Yeast infections are best diagnosed by a laboratory test performed on a swab sample in conjunction with a physical examination of the affected area. There may be swelling or other symptoms that can be found during an exam. The treatment is typically an over-the-counter anti-fungal cream, but yeast infections can also mimic the symptoms of an STD. So, if you’ve never had a yeast infection before, you should be sure to see a doctor in order to be certain that what you suspect is a yeast infection is not really a sign of a sexually transmitted illness.

UTIs require a laboratory test performed on a urine sample. If left untreated, urinary tract infections can lead to other and much more serious issues such as a kidney infection. Some UTIs may require an aggressive treatment of antibiotics in order to prevent recurrences and complications.

In addition to their differences, both infection types can cause discomfort or pain during urination. You can also have either a yeast infection or a UTI even if you are sexually inactive.

Is There a Jock Itch Connection?

Jock itch and yeast infections are both caused by a fungus, but the one that’s responsible for jock itch is unlike the Candida albicans species that causes vaginal yeast infections. Having sex with someone with jock itch may give you a case of the same, but it won’t cause a vaginal yeast infection. If your concern is can jock itch cause uti or other bacterial problems, then you needn’t worry. They’re each caused by very different types of organisms. Some fungal infections may, however, weaken your immune system, which could possibly make it more difficult for your body to fight off another infection, but jock itch won’t become a UTI on its own.

Can a Treatment Prescribed for a UTI Cause a Yeast Infection?

Antibiotics are typically prescribed to treat UTIs, but they can also kill those friendly vaginal bacteria that help prohibit the unimpeded growth of the naturally occurring yeast sharing space with them. In this respect, it can be noted that taking antibiotics for uti cause yeast infection risk factors to increase.

Over-the-counter pharmaceutical treatments for the urinary tract or vaginal disorders are often best taken only after consulting with your health-care provider. For example, using Monistat, an over-the-counter medication for treating yeast infections as a self-care remedy to treat a UTI can make matters worse. Although it’s not a direct issue of whether Monistat can cause a UTI or other bacterial infections to occur, you should always remain cautious about using any medication that can disrupt the delicate balance of microorganisms that live in the vagina. Anything that can diminish the numbers of friendly bacteria that help keep the pathogenic ones at bay should be given careful consideration before use. There are also non-pharmaceutical natural-ingredient remedies and preventatives that can be equally effective and cause less harm to your body’s own internal safeguards.

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