Uqora Complete Kit - 2 Target 1 Control

Drink Uqora Target directly after sex, exercise, etc to flush out UTI-causing bacteria and stay UTI-free.

Mix one packet of Uqora with 8-12oz of water, and drink it directly after the activities that put you at risk to prevent UTIs.

Uqora Target

10 Servings

When should I drink Uqora?

The way our customers drink Uqora really depends on their history and patterns. Many of our customers drink Uqora daily for ongoing defense. Some drink Uqora just when they feel a UTI coming on. Other drink Uqora in a targeted fashion, just after activities that put them at risk like sex, exercise, long airplane rides, camping, etc. Uqora is effective as both a daily and targeted solution, and you know best when you're at risk.

Should I drink Uqora before or after sex?

We recommend drinking Uqora as soon as you can after getting busy. That way you can flush out any bacteria that may have been introduced during the deed.

Should I drink Uqora before or after exercise?

We recommend drinking Uqora directly after your workout. That way you can flush out any bacteria that may have been introduced during a long bike ride or especially sweaty yoga-pant-clad workout.

Could I drink Uqora if I feel a UTI coming on?

You can drink Uqora if you are worried that you’re developing a UTI, but if you do develop active symptoms, we highly recommend you schedule an appointment with your doctor since Uqora is not a treatment.

Is it okay to drink Uqora daily?

Yes, Uqora is very safe and many of our customers drink Uqora daily. To be extra safe, we recommend you don’t exceed taking more than 5 individual packets per day.

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Customer Reviews

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Uqora Urinary Tract Defense 10-pack box


Uqora Urinary Tract Defense 10-pack box


Works good need better taste

loving it so far

I haven't had an issues with this and I'm already on my second box. Anytime I feel like I could be getting a UTI I just have one of these and feel so much better. Plus the taste is pretty good.


Uqora Urinary Tract Defense – 30-pack box

It works!

I am a firm believer.
Thank you

So far so good

I’m on my 2nd month of taking uqora and so far so good. Was going to wait to comment for a couple more months to make sure but I do feel much better and hopeful.

My Uqora experience

So far I am extrememly satisfied with Uqora. I have been UTI free while using it and also feel a nice boost in energy from the vitamins. Also, it tastes great! Will definitely continue using and recommend to friends and family. Only downside is it is costly

Finally a much needed remedy to my UTI’s!!!

Super happy with the results of Uqora. I’m approaching 40 yrs. and noticed lots of changes in body including multiple UTI’s especially after sex and long days at the beach. I was at the dr’s office so many times this past couple years, I was starting to feel really embarrassed and frustrated. Since trying Uqora I’m able to have sex and go on beach vacations all the same time and not get a UTI. I normally use it twice a week, however I do take it daily while on vacation due to the beach, long drives and hot weather. Thank you Uqora for this amazing supplement that has made life normal again! God Bless!

Wonderful product

Works as stated. I haven't had an UTI since using the product. Recommend the product and will re order when needed