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Why Control?

Control is designed to keep the urinary tract clear on a day-to-day basis by regularly cleansing biofilm, and also strengthens the bladder wall.





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Cleanse biofilm and strengthen your bladder wall

  • Mechanism research on the ingredients in Control shows their ability to cleanse biofilm. Control also strengthens the bladder wall. With these two functions, Control helps to keep your bladder clean in the face of hard-to-pinpoint things like stress, hormonal changes and holding your bladder.

  • Biofilm is a collection of microorganisms bound together that attaches to surfaces, like the bladder wall. Mechanism research on the ingredients in Control shows their ability to clean biofilm.

  • Each bottle includes a 1-month supply (60 capsules). Take 2 capsules together with water daily.

Control's science and ingredients

Uqora Control includes multiple active ingredients, which all play an important role:

Piperine is the “active” compound in black pepper. Oddly enough, Piperine can increase the bioavailability of curcumin by 2,000%! Typically, curcumin has poor bioavailability, meaning our bodies don’t absorb the ingredient well on its own. Uqora Control includes black pepper powder in a small dose to enable our bodies to better absorb curcumin.

Curcumin is the “active” compound in turmeric, a flowering plant commonly used as a spice that is a member of the ginger family. Curcumin gives Uqora Control its yellowish color. Biofilm can build-up in the urinary tract and curcumin (along with the polyphenols from green tea) has been shown to cleanse biofilm in preliminary laboratory research. Curcumin is also commonly heralded for having anti-inflammatory benefits. The curcumin in Uqora Control is extracted from the turmeric root. If you are taking blood thinners we recommend talking to your physician if you plan to use Control as curcumin, an ingredient in Control, may cause additional blood thinning.

D-Mannose is a type of carbohydrate that occurs naturally in small quantities in many fruits and vegetables including apples, peaches, green beans, and broccoli. Mannose is an important part of human metabolism and urinary health. It has been shown to bind to microorganisms in the urine so that they are unable to attach to the bladder wall.

This extract is mostly (95%) made up of compounds in green tea leaves called catechins, like EGCG and EGC. These have been the subject of much research on various health benefits and have antioxidant properties. Along with curcumin, catechins have been shown to cleanse biofilm in preliminary laboratory research. The green tea extract in Uqora Control is from the leaves of green tea plants. The caffeine is removed during the extraction process.

42% of all adults in the U.S. are Vitamin D deficient. The vitamin D in Control is vitamin D3, also called cholecalciferol, the form of vitamin D made by the skin when exposed to sunlight. New research shows that Vitamin D supplementation increases tight junction proteins in the bladder. Essentially, these proteins connect cells that are next to each other.

Hypromellose: This is a vegan polymer used to make the capsule.

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Common questions about Control

Control and Target contain different active ingredients. While the two products are complementary, they don’t have the same function. Control is designed to keep the urinary tract clear on a day-to-day basis by regularly cleansing biofilm, and also strengthens the bladder wall. Target flushes the urinary tract when you need support, like after sex, with the right amount of effective ingredients.

Yes, Promote, Target and Control, can be taken in the same day. Taking all three products provides maximum urinary support, as Target flushes the urinary tract, Control cleanses biofilm from the urinary tract and cleanses the bladder wall, and Promote balances the vaginal microbiome.

The recommended daily upper limit for vitamin D is 4000 IU. Most vitamin D supplements have <2000 IU, and Uqora Control now includes 1500 IU. So, most people should be in the clear, but if you are currently taking other vitamin D sources be sure to check the volume. We've included that amount to be close to the clinical research amounts but not have a full 2000 IU in case people are supplementing with vitamin D that goes up to 2000 IU to stay at a lower dosage of 3,500 per day.

Uqora Control is no longer vegan because the vitamin D is sourced from sheep's wool. We chose this source because it is the same version used in clinical research, and we wanted to ensure the maximum efficacy. We apologize for how this will affect our vegan customers. All of the other ingredients in Control are vegan, as well as all of the ingredients in Target and Promote.

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“I was stuck in the cycle of UTIs for years. I was desperate for a way to get ahead, but was told there was little I could do. This inspired my husband and I to start Uqora, alongside doctors & scientists. Now, we’ve been able to help over 200,000 people and counting. Ready to give us a try?”


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  • 3 strains of lactobacillus (aka 'good' vaginal bacteria).
  • Key to a balanced vaginal microbiome.
  • Supports a healthy urinary tract.
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