Uqora Urinary Tract Defense – 30-pack box

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 “I have been using Uqora for almost a year and it has kept me UTI-free! Before using Uqora I would get a UTI every few months and would have to take a day off work to sit in a doctors office and get a prescription filled. Since I started using Uqora, I haven't had any UTIs. This product definitely earns 5 stars from me.” — Jennifer W. 

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing UTI Prevention!!

I have had chronic UTIs from working out for the last two years, and since taking uqora, the issues have disappeared! I take uqora after I do intense cardio activity and I haven't had one since.

Thank you!

It works, will be purchasing more!

A life saver

I have been using Uqora now for about a year. I was getting regular infections and they were very serious and difficult to recover from. The urologist gave me a single antibiotic to have before sex and an internal disinfectant which looked to have very nasty ingredients. I decided not to fill the prescription. I decided to use Uqora to just see if I could manage it naturally. It seems to have worked. I also saw a homeopath and have a set of backup remedies. I have used them only once for 2 days. I will be continuing to use Uqora.


Uqora Urinary Tract Defense - 3-pack box

So far so good!

I have struggled with bladder infections off and on my whole life. Last year I went through a stint where I was getting a bladder infection every other month and was put on an antibiotic to take everytime I had intercourse. The antibiotics left my immune system weak and digestive system upset. I ditched the antibiotics and have only been using uqora and no bladder infections yet! Whenever I feel one coming on I drink 2 packets and good to go. Feeling hopeful so far!