Uqora Urinary Tract Defense – 30-pack box

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 “I have been using Uqora for almost a year and it has kept me UTI-free! Before using Uqora I would get a UTI every few months and would have to take a day off work to sit in a doctors office and get a prescription filled. Since I started using Uqora, I haven't had any UTIs. This product definitely earns 5 stars from me.” — Jennifer W. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews

I have UTI’s monthly for years or at least every other month (no kidding) the Dr. finally prescribed me a regular prescription that I take as a preventive medicine. My husband read an article in the newspaper about Uqora and I decided to try it. I have been using for 4 months and knock on wood I have not had any UTI”s. Thank you!


Great product, worth the cost.

Best invention ever

As someone who is prone to UTIs, Uqora is peace of mind in a packet. I don't know how I ever lived without it!

New to this product, but so far it's been great!

I only recently started using Uqora, but so far it's done exactly what the product has promised. I'm very prone to UTIs (at one point I had eight in one year), and almost always get one when I visit my boyfriend. We recently went on a trip to Hawaii and I figured this was the perfect opportunity to put Uqora to the test, and it did not fail! I didn't get a UTI and didn't take any antibiotics which I normally do prophylactically! I'm going to continue taking Uqora on a regular basis, especially when I visit my boyfriend, and hope that I won't have to experience the awful pain of a UTI again. I also wanted to note the awesome customer service I experienced with this company. There was a large influx of orders when I made my purchase, and so they were slightly behind on getting orders out and I wouldn't have received my order before I left on my trip, but the ladies in the customer service department made the extra effort to send me a free sample to the hotel I was staying at in Hawaii so that I would be sure to have it with me on my trip. I've honestly never had such amazing customer service with any company before. I wanted to give a special thanks to these women, as well as the company. Thanks for all you do and helping make life a little more pleasant for us all!

Really helps!

I have ongoing urinary track issues. Going to the doctor for it is costly, especially when I’m toldDrink more water and cranberry juice. This product really helps thank you!