Wash pH-Balanced Vulva Cleanser

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Uqora's specialized vulva cleanser (4oz). Inspired by your body's chemistry, we've included ingredients in the same pH range as they naturally occur in a healthy vagina. 

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Why use Wash?

This specialized vulva cleanser is inspired by the chemistry of a healthy vagina. Lactobacilli bacteria (aka healthy bacteria) release lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide. Our formula includes lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide inspired by the same pH range as they appear in a healthy vagina, so you can cleanse your vulva without compromising your vaginal or urinary health.

Free of:

Essential Oils



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Science and Ingredients

Only 7 ingredients in total, we think simple is better. We’ve included what is naturally present in the vagina to keep you feeling balanced.

The base to the formulation, water provides the vehicle to carry the rest of the ingredients

Another name for oils derived from coconuts, these are "surfactants" and provide the soap-like properties that allow for washing away dirt and other particles.

Lactobacilli is a genus of bacteria that live naturally in the vagina and inner vulva. They break down sugars into lactic acid. This process keeps vaginal pH low. Other products may use vinegar or citric acid to acidify, but why not use the process our bacteria already use?

Lactobacilli in the vagina also release hydrogen peroxide in low concentrations. In addition to acidifying, hydrogen peroxide also oxygenates the surface of the vagina and vaginal opening.

Cellulose is a plant-derived fiber that is included to thicken the formulation. Without this, the product would have the consistency of water and would be difficult to collect in your hand to be lathered.

Gluconolactone and Sodium Benzoate are used as preservatives to ensure quality shelf life. Derived from Sugar Beet, Gluconolactone is also known for its skin benefits. Sodium Benzoate is derived from green tea's Benzoic Acid.

Common questions about Wash

Vaginal pH can be influenced by all sorts of things; menstruation, sexual activity, soaps and douches, and more. Lactobacilli bacteria (the healthy bacteria) in the vagina release lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide. These compounds keep the pH of the area low (acidic). We’ve included lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide inspired by the same pH range they appear in a healthy vagina to support this natural function. This formula can help wash the vulva area while keeping you fresh.

When showering, dispense a dime-sized amount into your hand. Use your hand to apply to your vulva, lather and rinse. For best application, shake before use. You can use Wash any time you’re in the shower. Note that this cleanser is designed for your vulva, the area that surrounds and includes the vaginal opening. It’s not intended to be used for internal use (aka in the vagina).

We know—it’s confusing. There are a lot of bad washes out there and way too much vagina & vulva shaming. Our take? If you haven’t used a wash and haven’t felt like you needed one, then skip it! We just want to provide a safe option for anyone that is looking for one. Many body and intimate washes currently on the market include a lot of unnecessary ingredients ranging from preservation and emulsification chemicals to essential oils and plant extracts, which can all influence vaginal pH. Uqora Wash is a clean formula inspired by the natural chemistry of the vagina for anyone looking for a reliable and safe option.

Considering the sensitivity of the area, essential oils and fragrances just aren't needed and do not have clear benefits. That's why Wash is fragrance and essential oil free. Wash effectively cleanses the area using the naturally-occurring ingredients already found in a healthy vagina.

No. Douches are intended as internal rinses of the vaginal canal. Vulva cleansers, like Wash, are intended for external use only.

The vulva environment (external) can affect the vaginal environment (internal). A healthy vagina naturally produces lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide to maintain its optimum pH level. Our Wash formula includes lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide inspired by the same pH range they appear in a healthy vagina to cleanse the vulva area without compromising your vaginal health. Vaginal health is a key component of urinary health — it really is all connected!

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