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I get UTIs.
I don’t always know what’s causing my UTIs.
I’ve taken antibiotics in the past 6 months.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2997 reviews
Constant UTIs Gone

Seriously this product is magical! I used to get CONSTANT UTIs. I felt cursed because I have such sensitive body chemistry. UTIs GONE!! Thanks to Uqora! No more UTIs. Worth every penny!

Best stuff yet!

Only have had it for a month and loving it. Haven’t gotten one and usually do every month! It’s the worst! I highly recommend this product!


So far (just 4 weeks) i am free from chronic UTI. I would like more time to give a good evaluation. At this point i am very ompressed. Please contact me in two months.

Love it!

I haven’t used the packets cause I haven’t been with my SO but the vitamins have been great! Will buy again! I had a couple UTI’s in the past 6 months and it was a nightmare! But the vitamins helped my ph levels get back to normal after all the antibiotics.

So far so good!

I have just started taking Uqora. So far so good. Time will tell. Easy regimen, and the drink tastes good.

Loving these 3 products!

This is the first time in over 6 months that I have not had any UTI issues! This product is is worth every penny and am so glad I tried it!!! Thank you!!!

Changed my life

I have been living with UTI’s for 14 years. The combination of this system has made me symptom free. I have tried and done everything, diet, diflucan a million times, water at least a gallon a day you name it. I’m so thrilled to say thank you and you must try it if you have UTIs also. Jill is amazing also, she has answered many of my questions and gone above and beyond to help me when my delivery was stolen and I was desperate. She had a delivery out the next day complimentary, this was not the company’s fault nor did I ask for this. This company is top class all around! If your on the fence, you have nothing to loose but another day of misery and going to the doctor for unnecessary medication. Give this a try, and I hope you find the same relief. Thank you Uqora!

Professional and Fast

Have not had ONE UTI since I started with Uqora. They have been incredibly responsive to questions, schedule changes, order changes. So impressed with the product and the customer service. Thank you!!!

This works!

I’ve had issues with a UTI for mist of my adult life. I’ve always had to turn to getting Dr appointments and using antibiotics. If you use this product as directed - especially after sex - it works! I’m amazed! Finally an alternative that is convenient and easy to use! I’m a grateful and satisfied customer! Thank you!

So far no UTI's.

I have been using Target after the activity that would cause me to get them and I have not had a UTI since. Has been a relief.

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