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Bought for Daughter

I bought this for my Daughter who has been plagued with UTI's for many years, She started taking this about 3 weeks ago I think and hasn't had any as of yet, She is very HAPPY so far.


Target + Control

Product review

I’m very happy I found this product. It so far has seemed to prevent development of UTI related to sex. I am recommending it to others

First dose

I only used your product once when I thought I might likely get a UTI. I took as directed and did not get any infection. I will continue to use to evaluate its effectiveness. So far, so good!


Uqora is like a miracle for me. I was constantly plagued with UTI's. Have not had one since being on Uqora. THANK YOU, Uqora!

No more UTI’s!! 😁😁

I struggled with UTI’s which were originally caused by a large kidney stone. Had surgery to remove and thought all would be good. Unfortunately they came back. Removed a couple small kidney stones and again thought I would be good. Nope. Saw and heard commercials on Uqora. Not knowing what was causing the UTI’s I ordered the prevention kit. Now about a year later I haven’t had one UTI!! So happy. Thank you Uqora!!

Great product

Thank you for giving women the opportunity to prevent painful uti.
I’ve suffered for forty years always worried about getting another infection. Younger years it was supposedly caused by active sex life and now post menopause!

I went for seven months on uqora uti free and that’s quite amazing!
I’ll continue using the rest of my life!

Thank you!

A life saver!!!

After suffering almost monthly with uti symptoms and having my PCP keep prescribing antibiotics all the time, I was at the end of my rope.
One day, I saw a tv ad for Uqora and though I was skeptical, decided to try it. When I read all the informative documentation about not only the CAUSES (who knew some of them??) but also how and why the product worked on UTIs, I felt this was something positive for a very frustrating and painful condition.
Bless these scientists, physicians and Jenna and Spencer for bringing this relief!
I tell everyone who’ll listen about this miracle!!! There isn’t a “thank you” big enough for that!!!
^__^ Connie Robinson

It works!!!

Such a great product. Have not gotten a single UTI since I started taking two months ago and have sent this to all my friends to try. Been suffering from recurring UTIs since I was in college and despite doing all the 'instructions' of peeing after sex, wiping front to back, drinking lots of water, was still getting UTIs every couple times after having sex with my boyfriend. So happy this product is here and I can get rid of antibiotics.


I know that sounds dramatic, but I had pretty much given up hope of every being UTI-free. I don't normally order things based on radio ads, but I was desperate. I had already been on a low dose antibiotic, been to a urologist, and had to have a catheter, among other fun things. I am happy to report that I have been taking Uqora for almost six months, and I have not had another UTI. I catch myself telling strangers about Uqora, because I wish I had known about it much sooner! I don't understand the science behind it, and honestly, I don't care. It's not harmful to my body, and it works. That's all I care about.