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A note from our CEO: I've been there

In 2014, I had 8 UTIs. If you get UTIs, then you understand how awful the cycle can be. Long waits at the doctor, constant anxiety, system-crushing antibiotic cycles.

I was desperate to get ahead of the problem, and not just rely on antibiotics for treatment. I was told repeatedly that I could take low levels of antibiotics daily to get ahead of the problem, but outside of that, there was little I could do.

I didn’t want to stop living my life, but sometimes it felt like my UTI anxiety was all I was thinking about. My partner, Spencer, was tired of watching me suffer too. With Spencer’s background in biochemistry, and my refusal to rely on antibiotics on a daily basis, we started building Uqora—the UTI prevention company. Built in collaboration with physicians and urologists, with the best clinical research available, Uqora is dedicated to bringing you products that work, so that you can stay ahead of UTIs.

I no longer get UTIs, and I love helping thousands of women like me break the cycle, too. Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve found us.

— Jenna Ryan

Backed by scientists and physicians
who believe in prevention

Dr. Payal Bhandari M.D.
Dr. Payal Bhandari is a family physician practicing in San Francisco, CA since 2005. By taking a deeper look at the root cause of diseases, Dr. Bhandari has discovered the journey to illness does not always start suddenly. Illness is often directly impacted by one’s lifestyle, chronic stress, and diet.

Dr. Jo Ann Stewart, MD
Dr. Jo Ann Stewart, MD, specializes in geriatric care but has 3 medical specialties: Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, and Hospice and Palliative Care. Dr. Stewart has been practicing medicine for over 15 years, and credits her deep love for her grandparents with her desire to specialize in geriatric medicine. She received her medical degree from University of Texas Medical School and currently practices in San Diego, CA.

Spencer Gordon, UC Berkeley
Trained in molecular biology and biochemistry from University of California Berkeley, Spencer leads Uqora's research and development initiatives internally. Spencer's research background and passion is human metabolism.

It takes two: meet the co-founders

Often times, UTIs are a shared problem. It takes two to tango, and even if your UTIs aren’t sex-related, it’s terrible to watch your partner suffer. After years of struggling together, co-founders Jenna Ryan and Spencer Gordon decided to take matters into their own hands.

Prevent your next UTI
with Uqora

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