Sick of UTIs?
So are we.

We developed Uqora so that you can stop UTIs before they start.

Prevent your next UTI

Uqora’s patent-pending formula provides a multifold defense against bacteria, so you can break free from the endless cycle of UTIs (and all those antibiotics). Plus, Uqora tastes like pink lemonade.

Drink Uqora following the activities that cause your UTIs. For most people, that's sex or exercise. If you don't know, or they are random, we recommend drinking Uqora daily.

Backed by science

Cranberry doesn't work — the American Medical Association proved that once and for all. But now we have something that does work. Formulated with clinical data, in collaboration with top physicians and urologists, Uqora takes a layered approach to give your body the defense it needs.

"This seriously the only thing that works. I’m prone to UTIs and I’ve done SO much to try and prevent them but nothing worked. This drink mix is so easy and I’m just blown away by the fact that it really does work."
- Shannon A.
"So glad I tried it! Uqora has been a life saver for me. I get UTI’s every time I have sex. I got tired of the pain of UTI’s, doctor visits, and the antibiotics. I don’t get UTI’s anymore since I have been using this product. I am so happy with this product and the natural ingredients! I would 100% recommend this to anyone who is prone to UTI’s."
- Ell
"I've been having recurring UTIs since I turned 18. Now I'm 33 so needless to say I have tried EVERYTHING. Every medical/practical advise humanly possible. I pretty much have UTI after every single time I have sex so I can say my case is quite severe. I take one or two little sachets after intercourse and I feel absolutely fine... I've just ordered my second 30 pack box. Uqora is a lifesaver."
- JD

When should you drink Uqora? That depends on you. What triggers your UTIs?

After sex; meet your new après-sex ritual.

When you're on the go, like after a spin class, a long plane ride, camping, etc.

Daily, if your UTIs are not triggered by specific events.

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