Sick of UTIs? So are we.

That's why we've developed Uqora, a simple drink mix designed to fight off bacteria when you're most at risk.

What’s Uqora & how does it work?

UTIs suck. They're painful, and an impromptu visit to the doctors can throw off your whole day.

And, unfortunately, using antibiotics too often can have other health implications.

We've formulated Uqora with the best clinical research to help you fight off bacteria when you're most at risk.

When should you use Uqora?

After sexual activity

Sex puts you at higher risk of developing a UTI. It is always recommended that you urinate after sex, but that isn't always enough to flush bacteria.

After prolonged physical activity

A long bike ride? A long run? After practice? Drink Uqora, especially if you can’t shower right away or often exercise while wearing spandex.

Extended periods without a shower

Backpacking? Camping? Traveling? When you feel like showers might be few and far between, drink Uqora to help maintain urinary health.

"Cranberry juice to aid a burning, stinging, awful UTI may soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new startup serving up this drink."

"If you've ever had a UTI you'd do anything to keep that shit from happening ever again in your life, Luckily, now there's a way to do that with a drink mix you don't even have to take every day."

"College students everywhere, rejoice!... a new, much more promising mixer-with-benefits is on its way."

Uqora saves you more than the pain of UTI

1 packet of Uqora can save you up to 4 hours and more than $36

1 packet of Uqora
30 seconds
The time it takes to mix a packet of Uqora with a glass of water
Price per packet of Uqora when you order the 10-pack box
Getting a UTI
4+ hours
The time between realizing you have a UTI, seeing the doctor & getting a prescription
The cost of a UTI after a $24 co-pay & $15 for an antibiotic subscription*
Your savings with Uqora
4 hours
saved with Uqora
saved with Uqora

*According to 2014 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey data