Sick of UTIs?
So are we.

That's why we've developed Uqora to give you the defense you need against bacteria that cause UTIs.

Easy, effective, tasty

Uqora’s unique formula provides a multifold defense against UTI-causing bacteria. It’s easy, effective, and tastes great.

Drink it daily, after specific activities like sex or exercise, or when you feel a UTI coming on.

Backed by science

Formulated with clinical data, in collaboration with top physicians and urologists, Uqora takes a layered approach to give your body the defense it needs.

"This seriously the only thing that works. I’m prone to UTIs and I’ve done SO much to try and prevent them but nothing worked. This drink mix is so easy and I’m just blown away by the fact that it really does work."
- Shannon A.
"This stuff is a miracle. Since I started drinking this at times when I would be more prone to getting a UTI or even if I felt one coming on...I haven't had any UTIs!! And this means no antibiotics, and that makes me super happy! I don't know how I got on before Uqora!"
- Sonja S.
"I've been having recurring UTIs since I turned 18. Now I'm 33 so needless to say I have tried EVERYTHING. Every medical/practical advise humanly possible. I pretty much have UTI after every single time I have sex so I can say my case is quite severe. I take one or two little sachets after intercourse and I feel absolutely fine... I've just ordered my second 30 pack box. Uqora is a lifesaver."
- JD

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