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How does it work?

Our three products each do their unique part to give you full protection against bacteria.


remove hidden bacteria Control breaks up “biofilm”, a tool bacteria use to hide, later causing a UTI.


flush out new bacteria Our drink-mix, Target, flushes out new bacteria that recently traveled into the urinary tract.


restore good bacteria Not your ordinary probiotic, Promote balances vaginal pH by restoring the good bacteria that naturally protect you from UTIs.
Uqora's Prevention System

We're tackling UTIs in a totally new way. We recommend our Prevention System (our three products together) to anyone who has struggled with UTIs.

✓ Full protection
We take a new approach to UTI prevention

Our money-back policy

We’re here to help you become UTI-free. But we know you want to see for yourself. Try Uqora risk-free. If you’re not happy, we’ll give you your money back.

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