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We take a new approach
to UTI prevention.

Our products aren't made with cranberry (which doesn't work) and they aren't made with antibiotics. At Uqora, we use unique, proven ingredients found in nature to develop products that work. 


You guys... this stuff is a lifesaver.

"I suffered from CHRONIC UTIs and have had some pretty serious repercussions from taking mass amounts of antibiotics. I have not had a UTI since I started taking Uqora. I drink it after things that are my triggers (sex in particular) and it stops it in its tracks!"
Lacey, Uqora customer
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"I never write reviews, and this is long overdue - but this is probably one of the most important products I’ve ever found that truly improved my life. I struggled with UTIs for years. I was so sick of taking antibiotics and desperately wanted to find another alternative. Uqora has truly changed my life. I’ve been using Uqora for around 3 years now and it works every time and I haven’t had a UTI since I’ve been using it to prevent them. If you suffer from frequent UTIs and are susceptible to them and relate to this and to the founder’s message. Do it. You won’t regret it!!! Thank you Uqora!!!"
Karen, Uqora customer
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