Stop UTIs before they start.

We’re Uqora, The UTI Prevention Company. We use natural ingredients to prevent UTIs.


Our drink-mix flushes out new bacteria introduced during activities like sex. Perfect if you know what causes your UTIs.


Our daily capsules fight bacteria living in the urinary tract that may be causing recurrent UTIs. Made to stop UTIs that seem to come out of nowhere.

What’s right for you?

Our 2 unique products protect you in
different ways. What combination is right
for you depends on you. Find out in 4
questions or less.

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You guys... this stuff is a lifesaver.

"I suffered from CHRONIC UTIs and have had some pretty serious repercussions from taking mass amounts of antibiotics. I have not had a UTI since I started taking Uqora. I drink it after things that are my triggers (sex in particular) and it stops it in its tracks!"
Lacey, Uqora customer
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It has changed my life.

"I have a long history of frequent UTIs which were being treated by antibiotics. Like many others, I've tried just about everything that is typically recommended - all with patchy effectiveness. My husband heard about Uqora so we decided to give it a try. Holy cow! Not only does it taste good, but it has eliminated my UTIs. I have been enjoying Uqora now for close to 8 months and don't ever plan to be without supply… it has changed my life. For that I am forever grateful! "
Gina, Uqora customer
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A note from our CEO:
I’ve been there.

Jenna's Story

We take a new approach
to UTI prevention.

Our products aren't made with cranberry (which doesn't work) and they aren't made with antibiotics. At Uqora, we use unique, proven ingredients found in nature to develop products that work. HOW IT WORKS

Physician approved

Uqora's products are formulated in collaboration with leading scientists and physicians.

Prevent your next UTI
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