We believe in avoiding antibiotics when you can.

Uqora is a women’s health company dedicated to making products that improve quality of life and reduce the need for antibiotics, starting with urinary health. Our products are created using the best clinical research available with the safest and highest quality ingredients.

We don’t mean to knock antibiotics, arguably one of the mankind's greatest inventions and the only treatment for a urinary tract infection. But overusing antibiotics can have adverse effects, so why not avoid them when you can?

Uqora Scientific Advisory Board

Uqora is formulated from the best available clinical research with the help of top physicians and urologists to
help protect you from bacteria.

Dr. Payal Bhandari M.D.

Dr. Bhandari is a family physician practicing in San Francisco, CA since 2005. By taking a deeper look at the root cause of diseases, Dr. Bhandari has discovered the journey to illness does not always start suddenly. Illness is often directly impacted by one’s lifestyle, chronic stress, and diet. From practicing preventive medicine to holistic integrative care, Dr. Bhandari incorporates the latest medical research, her extensive experience, and feedback from patients to accurately diagnosis illness. She creates personalized treatment plans which quickly yield positive results and helps patients become well. Dr. Bhandari received her medical degree from the West Virginia University and completed her family practice residency at the University of Massachusetts.

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Dr. Jonathan Wright M.D.

A Harvard University and University of Michigan graduate, Dr. Wright, is a forerunner in research and application of natural therapies for health conditions as well as longevity and healthy aging.  Recognized for his contributions to nutritional medicine, he has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors, most recently by the Orthomolecular Medicine Society. He was the first to practice the use of D-Mannose for reducing the risk of urinary tract infections. Since 1983 he has taught his methods to thousands of physicians.  He has authored or co-authored 14 books selling over 1.5 million copies, with two texts achieving best-selling status.  Dr. Wright is the Medical Director of the Tahoma Clinic in Tukwila, Washington where he also practices medicine.

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Dr. Richard Levin, MD, FACS

Dr. Levin is a urological surgeon and practices all aspects of clinical Urology, with special interests including Minimally Invasive Urology, Laparoscopic & Endo-Urology, Urological Oncology, and Female Reconstructive Urology. He believes in natural remedies as long as backed by substantial, consistent, and indisputable scientific evidence. Dr. Levin is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS) and completed his fellowship with the National Institute of Health in Oncology. Dr. Levin received his medical degree from George Washington University School of Medicine.

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Our story: a note from Uqora’s CEO


In 2014, I had 8 UTIs. 

If you’ve ever had a UTI, then you understand how the hours between your first symptoms followed by the doctor’s office to the wait at the pharmacy can seem to drag on forever.

I was desperate to get ahead of the problem, and not just rely on antibiotics for treatment. I was told repeatedly that I could take low levels of antibiotics daily to get ahead of the problem, but outside of that there was little I could do.

That didn’t sit well with me or my partner, Spencer. We suspected there had to be a better way to avoid UTIs without relying on antibiotics alone.

Spencer and I were determined to be proactive. With a background in molecular biology from UC Berkeley and experience developing consumer products, Spencer began developing a solution.

Uqora was born in collaboration with industry experts and medical professionals, leveraging the best clinical research available. Uqora is tasty, safe, effective, and natural. Most importantly, Uqora put the power back in my hands and the many hands of women searching for a way to break the cycle.

The only thing more gratifying than staying out of the doctor’s office myself is helping women all over the world avoid UTIs and antibiotics. Join us to get ahead of UTIs and continue the focus on proactive women’s health.

— Jenna Ryan