Urinary Tract Infections are a major problem, and a terrible experience. With Uqora’s drink mix you can maintain urinary health when you are most vulnerable, like right after sexual activity.

Who is Uqora for and when should I take it? 

Uqora is for any woman who has gotten a UTI, or is at risk of one.

Behavior that puts you at risk and when you should take Uqora:

1. After Sexual Activity. Sex is the leading cause of urinary tract infections in women. It is always recommended that you urinate after sex, but that might not be enough. Take Uqora within 1 hour after having sex, the sooner the better.

2. After prolonged physical activity: A long bike ride? A long run? After practice? Drink Uqora, especially if you can’t shower right away or you are participating in a sport or activity that requires spandex.

3. During extended periods without a shower: Backpacking? Camping? Traveling? When you feel like showers might be few and far between, drink Uqora in the morning and/or before bed to help maintain urinary health.