How is Uqora different than all that other stuff you've tried?

Uqora is dedicated to tackling urinary health in a new way with science-backed ingredients that work.

See how Uqora compares to cranberry and d-mannose on its own:

No cranberry

Cranberry juice first emerged as a recommendation for urinary tract health in the 1920s, alleged to affect the acidity level in the bladder. However, the fact is cranberry fails to hold up in controlled research. Since then, other theories about cranberry efficacy point to the fact that cranberry juice and extracts include A-type proanthocyanidins (PACs). Still, studies have shown conflicting results, but the folk remedy stuck anyway.

It's hard to believe that over a century later, cranberry is still a common recommendation despite inconclusive results. We’ve all been committed to the "cranberry myth" for too long now. We can do better.

More than d-mannose

D-mannose is a type of simple sugar that is produced naturally in your body as well as in starches of certain fruits and veggies (like blueberries, corn, apples, cranberries, and other fruits). In research, d-mannose has been shown to attach to microorganisms and flushes them from the urinary tract. D-mannose is a powerful mechanism, but it needs to be in the right environment at the right time to fully function. D-Mannose needs to reach the urine to act quickly. Uqora includes ingredients that help amplify the efficacy of d-mannose by alkalizing the urine and promoting urinary flow.

This special formula tackles urinary health from different angles, providing optimum support that D-Mannose on its own can't provide.

No medicine

Our products are not medicine and are free of antibiotics. While antibiotics are key to treating UTIs, we believe they should be reserved for treatment. When it comes to proactive urinary tract health, we’re all about simple, healthy ingredients to keep your body in the best possible position.

Overusing antibiotics can have serious consequences, ranging from indigestion, yeast infections, and even antibiotic resistance.

Note: Uqora is not a treatment. Antibiotics are necessary to treat a UTI. If you suspect you have a UTI, consult with a doctor immediately.

Research-backed, carefully selected ingredients

Each of Uqora's proactive care products include carefully selected, efficacious active ingredients to keep you covered from all angles. Learn more about the ingredients in Flush, Defend, and Promote here.

*Mechanism research on the ingredients in Defend shows their ability to cleanse biofilm. Biofilm is a collection of microorganisms bound together that attaches to surfaces, like the bladder wall.