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This is for you if:

You want to regularly flush the urinary tract

Or, you’re sexually active

Why Target?

Target is an effective, easy way to flush your urinary tract whenever you need extra support. For a lot of people, that’s especially important after sex. We also recommend flushing the urinary tract regularly, or after other activities (like exercise, travel, etc.)




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flush your urinay tract

How much do I need?

That depends on you! We recommend drinking Target after sex and any time you feel like you need extra support—for some, this might mean after exercise, when traveling, after holding your bladder for long periods, etc. Regardless of activity, it’s helpful to regularly flush out your urinary tract (we recommend at least every three days). However, you can drink Target as often as needed, even daily.


Mix one packet in 8-12 ounces of water. Drink Target after sex and any time you feel like you need extra support. Regardless of activity, it can be helpful to regularly flush out your urinary tract. That’s why we recommend trying to drink Target at least once every three days.

How does it work?

Target's ingredients work quickly to gently flush the urinary tract. Special ingredients alkalize the urine, making it less acidic, unlocking the power of d-mannose. At the same time, Target delivers immune support directly to your urinary system and increases urinary flow with a gentle diuretic. Target's ingredients take effect upon urination.

Target's science and ingredients

Uqora Target includes multiple active ingredients, which all play an important role:



Calcium is an ion that acts as an electrolyte. Calcium comes from our diet, and is required for a range of things, including bone production and strengthening, proper nerve function, and muscle function.  In Uqora Target, calcium is included in a salt form with ascorbate, called calcium ascorbate. When in fluid, these salts dissolve into calcium and ascorbate ions. Calcium intake needs to keep up with or exceed calcium loss in the urine in order to maintain proper bone mineralization and hydration. 


Citric Acid

Citric acid is a weak acid commonly found in many fruits. Despite being an acid, it has an alkalizing effect on the urine, meaning it makes the urine less acidic. It is commonly recommended to reduce the buildup of kidney stones in those who are prone by inhibiting the calcification of stones. Citric acid, along with the natural lemon flavor, gives Uqora Target its sour citrus taste. 



D-Mannose is a type of carbohydrate that occurs naturally in small quantities in many fruits and vegetables including apples, peaches, green beans, and broccoli, but it is not metabolized like other sugars that impact blood sugar. Mannose is an important part of human metabolism and urinary health. It has been shown to bind to bacteria in the urine. When bound to D-mannose, bacteria like E. coli are unable to attach to the bladder wall and compromise urinary health. In Uqora Target, D-Mannose is in a purified form.



Magnesium is another essential nutrient lost during urination. It is required for hundreds of functions in the body, including the creation of DNA. The magnesium in Uqora Target is in the form of magnesium ascorbate (the magnesium salt of Vitamin C) and magnesium carbonate (the salt of magnesium and carbonate, which is used to carbonate water).


Potassium Citrate

Citrate is the salt form of citric acid. In Uqora Target, we have potassium citrate. When mixed in water, potassium citrate dissolves into potassium and citrate ions. Potassium citrate has an alkalizing effect on the urine, meaning it makes the urine less acidic, and, like citric acid, is commonly used to help reduce the buildup of kidney stones. Potassium ions are required for proper hydration and replace the potassium lost during urination.


Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 refers to a group of compounds that enable proper protein, carbohydrate, and fat metabolism. The form of Vitamin B6 in Uqora Target is called pyridoxine hydrochloride. Pyridoxine is found in many common plant foods like pistachios and cacao. Vitamin B6 is an essential nutrient, meaning that people need to obtain it from the diet to live. Vitamin B6 is water-soluble and excreted in the urine. It has a gentle diuretic effect and is sometimes used to reduce water retention.


Vitamin C

The form of Vitamin C found in Uqora Target is called ascorbate. Ascorbate is the non-acidic salt of ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is also an essential nutrient, and is required for many processes in the body, including immune system function. It is an antioxidant, which provides protective benefits in the human body and is excreted in the urine. Vitamin C has been studied for its positive effects on the immune system.


Other ingredients

Beet root extract: This extract from beet roots gives Uqora Target its bright pink color and added flavor.

Natural lemon flavor: Made from dehydrating real citrus, our natural lemon flavor gives Uqora Target its lemonade taste.

Organic stevia: Stevia is a natural, zero-calorie sweetener from the stevia rebaudiana plant, which is native to South America.

Silicon dioxide: Silicon dioxide is one of the most common compounds on earth and is found in many plants. Commonly used in food products, in Uqora Target, silicon dioxide safely maintains the powder’s texture and keeps it from clumping together.

Common questions about Target

+Can I drink more than one packet of Target a day?

Yes, many of our customers drink Target daily. To be extra safe, we recommend you don’t exceed taking more than 4 individual packets per day.

+Can I take Target alongside the other products (Promote and Control)?

Yes, Promote, Target and Control, can be taken in the same day. Taking all three products provides maximum urinary support, as Target flushes the urinary tract, Control cleanses biofilm form the urinary tract, and Promote balances the vaginal microbiome.

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