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Our 3-part proactive regimen supports you from multiple angles

Get maximum urinary tract support with our most popular product: the Complete Regimen.
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We do have a money-back guarantee! We know how frustrating it is to waste money on products that don’t work for you, because we’ve been there. While we’re confident Uqora will help you, if you aren’t happy with the products, just contact us within 60 days for a refund. We won’t make it difficult, we’re here to help.

Yes, we have many male customers in our community that have found success with Uqora! For men, we recommend taking Uqora Defend and Uqora Flush daily. If you use a catheter, we recommend drinking Flush following catheter use as well. The only product that wouldn’t be effective for you would be Promote, which is a vaginal probiotic.

None of Uqora’s products include cranberry. We leverage the best available clinical research on ingredients shown to be effective — and the evidence on cranberry’s efficacy isn’t there. We’ve heard from a lot of customers who couldn’t get a handle on their urinary health with cranberry, but have seen a great difference with Uqora. We chose ingredients like D-Mannose, Curcumin, Vitamin D3, and Lactobacillus. Read about why we chose them here.

Your order will typically arrive within 3-5 business days after your purchase. Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information. (Note, international orders take longer -learn more here.)

Uqora is effective for people of all ages. Our products were designed to support you through the natural hormonal changes that affect urinary tract health (from periods to menopause, all the way through the golden years). Your needs vary based on your age, so we recommend reading reviews from people your age, by using theage filter here.

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From our founder:
I had 8 UTIs in one year...

"I was stuck in the cycle of UTIs for years. I was desperate for a way to get ahead, but was told there was little I could do. This inspired my husband and I to start Uqora, alongside doctors & scientists. Now, we've been able to help over 500,000 people and counting. Ready to give us a try?"

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This all-in-one bundle includes everything you need in case of a UTI emergency.

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