Are there natural ways to prevent UTIs?

October 02, 2017 Alexandra Rank

natural remedies

There are some natural methods of UTI prevention. 

Ever wonder if there are natural remedies for UTI prevention? Although antibiotics are definitely the gold standard for treatment, there are a handful of natural prevention options that might be worth exploring.

It’s worth pointing out that all of Uqora’s active ingredients are natural, with scientific backing to confirm the preventive product’s ability to flush out UTI-causing bacteria. Outside of Uqora, there are some popular theories around natural ingredients and UTI prevention. Some of these theories are supported by studies, and some are not. Regardless, it is still useful to consider natural options for avoiding UTIs.


Garlic has natural antibacterial properties that have made it a popular food item to help cure the common cold.  Similarly, garlic’s antibacterial properties have been said to aid in fighting off bacteria that attach to the bladder and cause UTIs.

Probiotics says that fermented foods and drinks such as kombucha and yogurt contain probiotics that help promote the growth of beneficial vaginal bacteria. Whether or not probiotics actually prevent UTIs is not completely clear, but some theories suggest that yeast infections can increase your risk of developing a UTI, and these good vaginal bacteria help keep yeast infections at bay. Even if the link is flimsy, taking probiotic supplements and eating foods that are rich in probiotics are good for fighting vaginal infection in general.

Uva Ursi

Uva Ursi, otherwise known as bearberry, is a natural herb that has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties. suggests different ways to use the herb for treating and preventing UTIs, whether it be brewed into a tea or taken in capsules.  The Penn State Hershey Medical Center advocates the use of Uva Ursi on the basis that it helps reduce inflammation and fight infection


Turmeric is rumored to aid in UTI prevention and treatment due to the naturally occurring ingredient called curcumin.  Studies have shown that curcumin can be efficient at killing E.coli, the bacteria which cause urinary tract infections.  However, whether or not curcumin is effective at killing E.coli in humans is not certain, and requires more research.


Not to be confused with bearberry, barberry root has been used throughout the years to treat many different forms of illness and infection.  The University of Maryland Medical Center acknowledges barberry’s ability to inhibit bacterial growth, and ease inflammation. However, the center also says that there needs to be more research done to ensure the validity of these findings.

What do you think? Would you give these herbs and remedies a try? We love to hear what has worked for you—let us know!


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