Does cranberry juice prevent UTIs? All signs point to no, and we aren't surprised

Jan 26, 2017 | Uqora Staff


Does cranberry prevent UTIs? No, according to the American Medical Association.

Women everywhere were rocked by a recent study indicating that cranberry juice does not help with UTI prevention—and maybe a little relieved that they can once again enjoy vodka cranberries without UTI PTSD. 

Cranberry juice first emerged as a preventative mechanism in the 1920s, alleged to affect the acidity level in the bladder to help fend off infection. Since that first study subsequent reports have shown conflicting results but the folk remedy stuck anyway.

Dr. Manisha Juthani-Mehta, the lead author of the report, focused her study on nursing home patients—a population that is especially susceptible to UTIs. She enlisted 185 patients. 147 of the women finished the study. Half of the members were randomly selected to take two cranberry capsules daily, each containing 36 milligrams of the active ingredient proanthocyanidin. The other half of the group was given a placebo.

The research team found no difference in the presence of the bacteria in question between the cranberry group and the placebo group. They also found no differences in the episodes of UTIs or rates of death among the two groups.

The results showed no difference between the test and control groups. Put in other words, cranberry juice and extracts did not work to fend off UTIs.

In CNN’s coverage of this report, Susan Scutti cited Dr. David Soper of the Medical University of South Carolina:

"The realistic amount of cranberry juice that can be ingested on a regular basis makes it impractical to recommend, and in addition, well-designed studies don't show a positive preventive effect," agreed Dr. David Soper of the Medical University of South Carolina.

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