How to take Uqora UTI relief products

Soothe: UTI Pain Relief

What it is:

Soothe includes 24 tablets that provide fast relief of UTI symptoms like pain, discomfort, urgency and burning. 

How to use with other Uqora products:

Soothe can be safely taken alongside any of Uqora's products. When using with Clarify (our UTI test strips), we recommend using Clarify before Soothe. 

Soothe's active ingredient is a dye that enters the urine to take effect and relieve UTI pain. However, it also turns the urine bright orange! Since Clarify's test strips use color to indicate if you might have a UTI, the orange urine will make them more difficult to interpret. If you've purchased both Soothe and Clarify together, we recommend using Clarify before Soothe. 


Combat: UTI Infection Control

What it is:

Combat includes 24 tablets that help control a UTI by helping to inhibit the progression of infection. Combat is a good option for you if you want antibacterial protection and want to control a UTI. Note: Combat should not replace medical care and is intended to slow the infection progression until you're able to see your healthcare provider.

How to use with other Uqora products and any medications:

Combat can be taken alongside any of Uqora's pain relief and diagnostic products. Products that decrease the acidity of the urine may reduce the effectiveness of Combat. This is a complimentary product to Soothe and both can be taken together.

If you are taking any prescription medications, please consult with your doctor before taking Combat. Combat should not be taken with sulfonamide drugs.


Clarify: UTI Test Strips

What it is:

Clarify is a pack of 3 individually wrapped test strips. Clarify includes the same test that doctors use to see if you might have a UTI. Clarify is a good option for you if you suspect you have a UTI and want to see your test results in just two minutes.

Clarify will only detect certain types of bacteria, but not all. It will detect E. coli which is responsible for about 90% of all non-hospitable associated UTIs.

How to use with other Uqora products:

We do not recommend using Clarify after taking Soothe due to the orange organic dye in Soothe.

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