Uqora Ingredients

You know that prevention is key when it comes to avoiding recurring urinary tract infections. You've gotten used to wearing certain clothing, keeping your body clean and dry, and taking care of yourself after intimacy, but did you know that a natural, daily supplement could be your best bet in UTI prevention? All-natural ingredients can be just what your body needs to clear out any unwanted bacteria while also repairing any damage that previous UTIs have caused. Each ingredient plays an important role in your urinary tract health, leaving you free from the worry that you'll get yet another infection.

D Mannose

Because UTIs are caused by bacteria hanging out in your urinary tract, it is important to get it flushed out of your system. D mannose does just that by locking on to that bacteria and getting rid of it when you urinate. E. coli is the most common type of bacteria to cause UTIs, and D mannose is especially good at latching on to it and keeping the bacteria from growing on healthy cells. Studies have even found that D mannose may be effective in getting rid of UTIs that have already begun, reducing the need for antibiotic treatment.

Vitamin C

Nearly everyone has heard of drinking large quantities of cranberry juice to prevent UTIs. There's a reason that this can help, aside from the fact that it increases the amount of urine, thus more easily flushing the bacteria out of the urinary tract. Cranberry juice contains large amounts of vitamin C, which has been shown to help limit bacteria's growth in the urinary tract. This happens because the vitamin C acidifies the urine, making for an inhospitable place for bacteria to grow.

Vitamin B6

If you've ever had a UTI, it may have occurred during a time in your life when you didn't feel your best. Whether you were stressed, going without sleep, or had recently been ill, your immune system may have been to blame. Without a tough immune system, your body can't fight off bacteria. That's where vitamin B6 comes in. This vitamin, when used as an ingredient in a UTI prevention product, can help boost your immune system, giving you a fighting chance of keeping harmful bacteria from causing any problems.


Some women who have chronic UTIs may not realize that their urethra is the issue. Some women have spasms of the urethra, which can predispose them to recurring infections. In these cases, calcium is often used to reduce the spasms. Also, like vitamin C, calcium can help raise the pH levels of your urine. This increased pH once again makes it difficult for bacteria to grow in the urinary tract. A calcium citrate supplement has long been a treatment option for UTIs, so when used along with these other natural ingredients it can be very effective.


Magnesium as an ingredient in a UTI preventative supplement works in much the same way as calcium. Most women experience magnesium deficiency, either cause by diet, stress, or some medications. As a result, it is a common supplement that has many different benefits. When it comes to UTI prevention, magnesium is included to help create urine that bacteria does not want to be around.

The combination of these UTI-fighting ingredients may be exactly what your body needs to keep those infections at bay. Instead of turning to antibiotics time and again, why not see if a daily preventative supplement will do the trick? Living with recurring urinary tract infections does not have to be normal for you. Take control of your healthy, and do it naturally with ingredients that you'll feel good about putting in your body.