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UTI test strips


UTI test strips


Uqora's Clarify includes the same FDA-approved test that doctors use to see if you might have a UTI. Includes 3 test strips - individually wrapped.

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+What is Clarify and how does it work?

Clarify is a pack of 3 individually wrapped test strips. Uqora Clarify includes the same test that doctors use to see if you might have a UTI. 

Clarify is a good option for you if you suspect you have a UTI and you want to see your test results in just two minutes. 

The tests work by detecting whether Nitrite and Leukocytes are present in your urine. Nitrites are a form of nitrogen that will often present itself if bacteria like E. coli are present in the urine. Leukocytes are white blood cells, which tend to show up when there’s inflammation or an infection in the urinary tract. The test evaluates if leukocyte esterase, an enzyme produced by white blood cells, is present in the urine. Generally, if both nitrites and leukocytes are detected in your urine, it’s likely that you have a UTI. 

NOTE: Clarify will only detect certain types of bacteria, but not all. However, it will detect E. coli which is responsible for about 90% of all non-hospital associated UTIs.


Wet one test strip by holding it in your urine stream for 1-2 seconds. Then, wait 2 minute to read results. Match the color of the test strip pads to the color blocks on the foil pouch to read results. In just 2 minutes, you can read the key to know if you have a UTI so you can seek treatment.

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Uqora's Founder:
In 2014, I had 8 UTIs.

"I felt like I was stuck in a constant cycle—either treating a UTI or dealing with the aftermath. Antibiotics and pharmaceuticals (like Combat and Soothe) play an important role for those of us who are prone to UTIs, but I was sick of bandaids. I wanted a way to be proactive; a way to get healthy, and stay healthy. This experience inspired me and my partner Spencer to launch Uqora’s original products, Target, Promote & Control. Since launch, we’ve been able to help over 100,000 people stay healthy. Read our reviews below to hear from women like you who have stayed healthy with Uqora’s proactive care supplements."
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